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Assessment policy in Ontario:

Exemplars in writing (Ontario):

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Politique d’évaluation et communication du rendement des élèves fréquentant les écoles de langue française:
Copies types en écriture, de la 1re à la 8e année:
Comment et pourquoi évaluer? Document d’appui en evaluation:
Article on peer assessment (French):

Provincial testing website (EQAO)/Site du testing provincial (OQRE):

Peel District School Board

  • Achievement Chart FAQs Grades 1-12 PDF.pdf
  • Activating Students As Owners of Their Own Learning 1-12 Revised PDF.pdf
  • Alternative Assessments for Special Education Students, Grades 9-12 PDF.pdf
  • Assessment for Learning, Grades 1-12 PDF.pdf
  • Building a Positive Classroom Climate NTIP Monograph.pdf
  • Clarifying Success Criteria, Grades 1-12 PDF.pdf
  • Crafting Learning Skills and Work Habits Comments, Grades 1-8 PDF.pdf
  • Descriptive Feedback Grades 1-12 Revised Dec 2012 PDF.pdf
  • Detecting Plagiarism, Grades 1-12.pdf
  • English Language Learners (ELLs) Effective Practices for Assessment and Evaluation PDF.pdf
  • Evidence of Learning – Conversations 1-12 Revised PDF.pdf
  • Evidence of Learning – Final Evaluations 9-12 PDF.pdf
  • Evidence of Learning – Observations 1-12 PDF.pdf
  • Evidence of Learning – Student Products 1-12 PDF.pdf
  • Evidence of Learning FAQs, Grades 1-12 PDF.pdf
  • Foundations of Climate for Learning and Working Monograph.pdf
  • Getting to Know your Students NTIP Monograph.pdf
  • growsuccess.pdf
  • Informed Professional Judgement – Equity and Inclusive Education, Grades 1-12 PDF.pdf
  • Informed Professional Judgement, An Introduction, Grades 1-12 PDF.pdf
  • Learning Goals, Grades 1-12 PDF.pdf
  • Learning How to Learn – Leveraging Learning Skills and Work Habits, Grades 1-12.pdf
  • Moving from Evidence of Learning 9-12 Revised Aug 2013.pdf
  • Moving from Evidence of Learning to Determining Meaningful Grades 1-8 Revised Aug 2013.pdf
  • Parent Monograph GrowingSuccessRevisedFebruary2013 PDF.pdf
  • Partnerships with Parents and Guardians NTIP Monograph.pdf
  • Peers As Instructional Resources, Grades 1-12 PDF Revised Dec 11th.pdf
  • Planning and Design with all Learners in Mind Grades 1-12 PDF.pdf
  • Policy 14.pdf
  • Reporting Student Learning.pdf
  • Restorative Mindset – Climate for Learning and Working Monograph.pdf
  • Rethinking Professional Learning 1-12 PDF.pdf
  • Supporting the Development of Student Responsibility to Provide Evidence of Learning, Grades 7-12 PDF.pdf
  • Visible Learning – An Introduction, Grades 1-12 PDF.pdf