Ken Clark

Ken Clark

Coordinator – Assessment Unit
Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I joined Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning in 1997 following careers as a chemical engineer and as a teacher. I have led a number of assessment projects and initiatives, including provincial tests and large-scale classroom-based assessment programs, coordinated our participation in national and international assessments, and coordinated the development and implementation of the provincial report card.

  Assessment is an important part of my work because….

I have led and guided work on numerous fronts in relation to student assessment and evaluation. Each provides certain insights about teaching and learning, and carries a particular type of impact. It is an important challenge to understand and to be able to narrate a balance among these approaches relative to the needs and interests of all stakeholders, ultimately to support learning in a healthy educational environment.

  The current assessment focus of my work is:

As coordinator of the Assessment Unit I share responsibility with the Bureau de l’éducation française for directly overseeing provincial assessment programming and initiatives. We have just implemented a provincial report card, and in collaboration with colleagues we continue to provide support to schools in that area while refining our related policies and guidelines. We collect and summarize data on student achievement from assessments at the classroom, provincial and national/international levels, and so we are always considering how we can make the best use of these various data sources to support programming decisions and student learning.

  You can find out more about assessment in my jurisdiction here:

A description of the facets of Manitoba provincial assessment programs and initiatives can be found here:

Our work to support classroom-based assessment and grading is based upon two documents, Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind developed by Dr. Lorna Earl and Dr. Steven Katz in collaboration the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol for Collaboration in Education (WNCP), and Communicating Student Learning written by Ken O’Connor and Damian Cooper in consultation with Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning.