Jeff DeWolfe

Jeff DeWolfe

Director of Programs and Student Services
South Shore Regional School Board
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Jeff DeWolfe began his career as a teacher committed to building strong co- learner relationships with students. He moved into the role of principal and spent thirteen years at three schools including elementary, P-9 and a large high school. He has been described as progressive and innovative with a passion for systemic change. Most recently he has worked at the regional level in both programs and student services as a Coordinator and currently as Director. He is currently leading system initiatives in implementation of Inquiry Based Learning, one to one iPads, and embedded Teacher Collaborative Learning Teams.

  Assessment is an important part of my work because….

As principal, Jeff led his high school staff in a four-year improvement plan centered on Assessment for Learning. In 2011, Jeff chaired a committee that significantly changed the SSRSB Assessment and Evaluation Policy.
Currently he leads assessment work that is centered on:

  • broadening the options for students to demonstrate their learning.
  • moving to an inquiry focus that includes an increase in higher-level questions in both formative and summative assessments.
  • examining the implications of one to one technology on classroom level assessments.

  The current assessment focus of my work is:

Currently the focus of the South Shore Regional School Board is centered on the instructional and assessment practices of teachers and the examination of evidence and data that informs their practice. Under a broad Professional Learning Community umbrella, embedded collaborative teacher teams strive to improve their practice to realize improved individual student learning and achievement.

  You can find out more about assessment in my jurisdiction here: