David Slomp

David Slomp

Professor of Literacy and Assessment
Faculty of Education &
School of Graduate Studies,
University of Lethbridge

David Slomp was a high school English teacher before completing his PhD in the field of literacy assessment.. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Faculties of Arts and Education at the University of Alberta before taking up an assistant professorship in literacy education at the University of Ottawa. He currently teaches in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge where he co-directs the Masters of Education program specializing in Curriculum and Classroom Assessment.

  Assessment is an important part of my work because….

David is currently completing a SSHRC funded study that examines the classroom assessment practices of grade 9 English language arts teachers in Alberta, Canada. This study is focused on understanding both the intrapersonal and contextual factors that are shaping teachers’ assessment practices. David continues to be interested in examining consequential validity issues associated with large-scale literacy assessment programs, particularly with a view to their impacts on classroom practices (both pedagogical and assessment related). His most recent article published in Research in the Teaching of English articulates for the first time a systematic approach to collecting consequential validity evidence. He is currently working on refining this model so that it can inform classroom assessment research and practice.

  The current assessment focus of my work is:

This summer I will be leading an MEd seminar titled “assessment as research” that will challenge our students to develop assessment tools or programs tailored to the information needs in their local contexts.

  You can find out more about assessment in my jurisdiction here: