Tim Coates

Tim Coates

Coordinator, Assessment Capacity,
Assessment Sector,
Education Program Standards
and Assessment Division,
Ministry of Education,

Tim is pictured on the first day of what has become fifty years of continuous involvement in education!

  Assessment is an important part of my work because….

I believe that, just as in other professions, (e.g. medicine, law, and engineering) one of the primary objectives of the education profession is-to the greatest extent possible-the elimination of error in assessment. This may sound as if it is the endorsement of expanded standardized testing. It is not. Rather it is the expression of the need to empower teachers with the skills and abilities needed to accurately assess the progress of each student so that resources are effectively used to improve the learning of each student.

  The current assessment focus of my work is:

developing a project in Alberta that will provide grass-roots professional development to enhance the assessment capacity of classroom (using that word in its broadest sense) teachers.

  You can find out more about assessment in my jurisdiction here:

On matters concerning provincial standardized testing: http://education.alberta.ca/admin/testing.aspx

To try a sample of some test items from previous provincial examinations: https://questaplus.alberta.ca/

For information about Alberta new digital and formative Student Learning Assessments: http://education.alberta.ca/department/ipr/curriculum/student-learning-assessments.aspx