Sue Swaffield

Sue Swaffield

University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education
United Kingdom

Sue Swaffield is a founder member of Leadership for Learning: the Cambridge Network at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. She teaches and researches in the fields of educational leadership, school improvement and assessment for learning.

Research projects include ‘Learning How to Learn’ involving 40 schools and five universities in England, and a collaborative development and research programme building headteachers’ leadership capacity in Ghana. Sue is an Executive Editor of the international journal ‘Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice’, and has been awarded honorary life membership of the Association for Achievement and Improvement through Assessment (AAIA).


25+ years working in the field of AfL as a school teacher, local authority adviser/district officer, and university lecturer. Team member of the two largest/most influential AfL projects in England – King’s Medway Formative Assessment Project (Nuffield funded), and Learning How to Learn (Economic and Social Research Council funded), as well as other smaller projects. Author of journal articles (Swaffield 2011 is the 5th most read article in the journal Assessment in Education), books and book chapters. Past president and honorary life member of the Association for Achievement and Improvement through Assessment (AAIA). Regular keynote speaker and conference contributor on AfL for Cambridge Assessment international events (including in India and Kenya).



Where have we got to with Assessment for Learning?


15 years after Black and Wiliam’s influential review of assessment and classroom learning, Assessment for Learning in England is far from where many advocates would want it to be. An analysis of annual inspection reports provides an overview of assessment practice in schools, while a review of journal articles gives an indication of recent research in the field of Assessment for Learning. These two broad brush pictures raise issues for policy, practice and research and suggest avenues for development and exploration that may resonate with practitioners and researchers in other countries around the world.


Association for Achievement and Improvement through Assessment (AAIA)

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